Menstrual Hygiene Day #MHDay28May



PERIOD: our cost to bear?

Young girls and women of child bearing age all over the world go through a natural cycle of egg production for a period of time every other month, when these eggs are not fertilized, menstruation occurs. Although this discussion is often avoided, it is too important to be ignored as a lot of our women living in poverty cannot afford to buy the proper sanitary kits needed to maintain proper hygiene during their menstrual period.

A young girl’s first admonition about the new occurrence happening to her body is often along the lines of “If a man should touch you now, you’ll be pregnant”, this is done to discourage promiscuous behavior, however there is hardly enough emphasis on the aspect of proper hygiene.

This narrative highlights the views of what females go through during their menstrual cycle and how it affects their normal livelihood. Young girls miss out on educational and social activities due to the lack of access to proper menstrual supplies.

When we take a closer look at the topic of period poverty, those affected by the predicament often seem to have more urgent needs than sanitary kits, this is why they substitute the use of pads and other sanitary items for pieces of cloth. However, the amount of infections and health issues that arise as a result of these alternatives are severe and in some cases create fatal complications afterwards and during childbirth.

This year, the theme for the Menstrual Hygiene Day is “We are committed”. In the spirit of this, we at PAN54 Digital are connecting to the world with our narrative “PERIOD, Our cost to bear?”

Join us in the conversation in the dialogue to end Period Poverty around the world.







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