For the Love of Lagos



SHADES OF LAGOS: How a young, talented Nigerian filmmaker is sharing the Lagos narrative with a global audience.

SHADES OF LAGOS (2021) is a short documentary produced and directed by Doyinsola Wale-Banmore. Written by Irenitemi Somuyiwa and Doyinsola Wale-Banmore. Starring Jinmi Abduls Ariyo, Ifiok Adebanjo, Pamilerin Adegoke, Made Ankilulapo-Kuti, Prince Eric Adeyanju, Tamara Aihie, Funmi Ajayi, Segun Anibaba, Wey Ayomide, Opemipo Bamgbopa, Funso Install, Ife Laniyan, Ayodimeji Chukwuma Olugbewesa, Bizzle Osikoya and Savage Trap Queen.

SHADES OF LAGOS was birthed from a desire to share Doyinsola’s love of Lagos with her fellow students at Sheridan, Oakville Canada, where she attained a Post-Graduate degree in Film Production. Said Doyinsola “I got asked so many questions about Lagos, which made me realise the vast gap in knowledge people had about my home city that I felt strongly compelled to share… And I wanted the story of Lagos to be authentically told from the different experiences and perspectives of Lagos dwellers”

As it turned out, Doyinsola’s love for Lagos is well founded, as first, family and friends bought into the idea, rallied round and helped fund the project. Participating characters were recruited, based on the project vision, via friend’s recommendations and approached on Social Media. By sheer force of Doyinsola’s personality and determination – encouraged by exceedingly loyal and supportive friends – Shades of Lagos came to be.

Or we could say Lagos rose up and came through for her, Lagos had a narrative to share and why not share it with and through Doyinsola?
We look forward to the Premiere, which Doyinsola promises would be a 360 event with sight, sound and taste of Lagos! We are mightily intrigued.