Get Started With Your Own Product Photography Business or Side Hustle



Have you ever wondered about product photography?  About how all those beautiful product pictures we come across in magazines and on websites are photographed?  A beautiful product picture is worth a thousand sales – to paraphrase the eternal saying.

The good news is, if you have a talent for lighting and the technical side of photography, shooting products is for you. You can set up as a home-based product photography business and start making money with your skills.


Here is how to get started with your own product photography business or side hustle.

Source: Ed Gregory 2008

Basic Equipment You’ll Need for a Product Photography Business

When shooting product photography, you will need to work with artificial lights.Try to get a couple of monolights. But if your budget is tight, start with speedlites until you start making money and have some extra to invest in gear.The kind of lighting you need depends on the subject you’re shooting.If you’re photographing flatlaysof skincare products or fashion accessories, you can create beautiful shots with natural light..                                                                                                                  Read more


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