Management Connection Distribution

What We Do

Wherever you are in the video food chain, we service your needs. Creator, Brand, Publisher we are here for you all.
Representation, management, creative development for video creators. Providing a warm blanket to wrap around and nurture and tend your creator career into growth and healthy bloom.
Unleashing the marketing power of digital video in helping to build your brand and consumer engagement.We connect you to the creators and influencers that can drive engagement through Webfluential© platform. The platform creates and hooks you up with custom made content, branded content, produced by Pan 54 that will deliver your market message the right way and to where it needs to go.
Owners of broadcast and other proprietary video assets or archive material (eg. sports, entertainment events, celebrity interviews etc.) can plug into our Pan Pipe© proprietary video distribution network and earn extra revenues from our mass distribution matrix.