Why do people create viral videos?

We all want our works to be recognized or at least appreciated don’t we? Sometimes, with hopes that these works will be beneficial for others too, to most cases, we want them to become popular and extend to as much people as it can reach. This pure intention is ideally the reason why people create viral videos.

But of course, always have our own personal and unique reasons why we do things, so let us leave the other possible answers for this question to the creators themselves. For now, let us focus on, how we can help you make your videos go viral?

Creating a viral video is not a piece of cake. Producing the video may be easy, but making it viral is another thing. So if you are thinking of publishing a video to trend, here are some guidelines that you should consider:

Viral Videos

Planning and Creation Stage: What viral videos should be?

*Short and Precise- People seldom go to video platforms to watch movies. Netflix owns this task. They go to video player sites to find something funny, interesting or inspiring, to take a little break. This means that your video content should be straight to the point, catching your audience within the first 10 seconds of watching. Be smart on your topic too!

*Personal, NOT Commercial- We are all allergic to too salesy approach of communication. So even if you are doing the video for a company endorsement, make sure that the plot still cares about the audience, in a way that they will feel the sincerity. Remember, videos become viral because of a huge number of average people watching it, so you do not need to sound too formal too.

*Positive- Again, people look at video on demand sites to take a short break. They expect to see videos that will make them feel better from they feel prior watching the videos. Therefore, positive videos are what the audience prefer to watch more. Make them laugh, inspired, happy and in-love. Target the emotions and when you win their hearts, you will be sure that they will want more of it.


Posting Stage: How to actually make my videos go viral?

*Make a Catchy Title- The title, next to the video itself, is the second most important thing to consider. What can you do to ensure your video title is optimized to go viral? First, ensure that your video is searchable. Conduct a keyword research of what people in your target audience are searching for and include these words in your video title. When incorporating keywords in your title, however, make sure you use them in a natural way. Just like to video itself, you should keep your video title short. Not only does this make your videos memorable, it also ensures that your title is not truncated or shortened by Google. However, even if the title is short, make sure that it still clearly explains what the video is about. Think as if you are referencing the video to a friend. What would be the easiest way to describe your video? Use that as your title.

*Put in on Social Media Sites– we need not to discuss this any further, if you want something to be shared publicly, post it on social media sites! As long as the prior guideline were followed well, you can let people do the work to make your piece go viral. To make it more personal, you can also tag and tweet anyone who has a stake on its success. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular sites that you should at least own, where you can post your videos. Then, if you have a site, embed it there as well. Maximize as much platforms as you can to expand the reach of your creation.

*Post it on popular Video On Demand Sites– Video on Demand (VOD) services have comfortably taken their position as major players in the audio-visual driven consumer markets around the globe. Apart from major video platforms such as Youtube and Daily Motion, these VOD sites can help you get more views from a target market that you identify based on your preference. Also, these sites can lead you to right Infuencers that can repost your videos and expand your reach even more.

Pan54 is one of the top Video On Demand sites that accommodates video submissions for the goal of making it viral and trending! It even helps creators with commercial support, expertise and creative inspiration needed to conquer the world.

So if you wish to know more how we can help you make viral videos, feel free to read about our service for CREATORS at http://pan54.com/services/creators/ , or email us at info@pan54.com


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