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Dele Oniya

Dele OniyaCo-Founder

Dele has over 25 years’ experience as an international broadcast executive producer and communications consultant in the UK, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas, developing and distributing content for clients such, Saatchi & Saatchi, Diageo Africa, The World Bank, Sat1 Prosieben, Germany and the Nigerian Ministry of Education He was Head of African-Caribbean Programming for BBC Television and Project Manager for Entertainment & Formats at the European Broadcasting Union/Eurovision in Geneva.
Abim Onasanya

Abim OnasanyaCo-founder

Abim is also the founder of Kouni SDS, a consumer insights and data-led marketing solutions company in the Middle East & Africa. With over 20 years’ experience spanning several regions, Onasanya was Head of MBC Group’s Research & Insights Unit. Abim was a Senior Analyst at Yahoo Europe; European Media Director at DDS Europe, Head of Client & Analytic Services at AGB Nielsen, UK and for many years was Audience Analyst at BSkyB

Our Partners<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"><div%20style="margin:auto;"><img%20border="0"%20alt="pan54"%20src="gantry-media://content/pages/about-us/dailymotion-logo-ogtag.png"%20width="150"%20height="150"></div></a><br><b>Daily%20Motion</b>

Daily Motion
Daily Motion is the world’s second largest video sharing platform. DM are committed to development of short video and digital content in Africa. Our relationship with DM adds extra value to our content creators.<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"><div%20style="margin:auto;"><img%20border="0"%20alt="pan54"%20src="gantry-media://content/pages/about-us/webfluential.png"%20width="150"%20height="150"></div></a><br><b>Webfluential</b>

Exclusive access to the unique Africa-focussed brand platform WEBFLUENTIAL© gives a priority pass to top brand opportunities and engagement options.<a%20href=""%20target="_blank"><div%20style="margin:auto;"><img%20border="0"%20alt="pan54"%20src="gantry-media://content/pages/about-us/YouTube_logasso.png"%20width="140"%20height="140"></div></a><br><b>Youtube</b>

If you've ever watched a video online, there's a good chance it was a YouTube video. Youtube has been around since 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006.
About PAN 54
PAN54 is a new generation media company, forged out of the white heat of the digtal revolution in Africa. It is our mission to drive knowledge and develop digital market value through innovative content, pioneering data analytics and new media technology.
Unity is Strength
We welcome and actively encourage membership in our community of creators and influencers who may not be of African origin but who generate content about Africa. PAN54 wants to work with all people, who are invested in spreading the word and image of Africa and telling stories from or about Africa that we can all share.